Purchase of investment gold

Investing in gold is gaining popularity. Gold can be bought or sold in bars or coins. We are always available for an expert valuation of your gold in order to offer you the best price!

Purchase of Diamond Jewelry

If you still own diamond jewellery and would like to sell it, we will assess your diamonds by their purity, colour, cut and carat and pay you the highest price in cash!

Purchase fo Old Gold

All gold jewelry and objects in good condition and also broken. For antique jewels we pay extra if resaleable. In case of doubt we use our in-house spectrometer. This way we can offer you the highest possible price and pay immediately!

Purchase of Teeth Gold

We process the dental gold ourselves in our own smelter. If there is any doubt about the content, we use our in-house spectrometer. Please clear the crowns from tooth remains as well as possible . We purchase dental gold, gold crowns and dental waste from dentists, dental technicians, dental labs, crematoria, archaeologists and jewellers.

Purchase of Watches

When you no longer wear your watch, selling is probably the best option. This will allow you to start looking for a new exclusive watch again. If you want to sell your watches, you have come to the right place. We buy all watches and pocket watches, old or new, operating or broken, at fair prices.

Purchase of Silver

Did you know we also buy silver cutlery? You can also come to us with silver and silver plated items. We assess your silver according to the condition and purity of the products.

Purchase of Platinum

We buy your platinum jewelry, coins, watches, bars, thermocouples (pt100, pt500, pt1000 and pt 2000) as pacemaker electrodes,…In case of doubt we use our in-house spectrometer.

Purchase of Tin

We pay  3 to 12 euros per kilo for tin according to its purity and possible antiquity. We buy all tin items such as plates, soup cups, measuring cups, cutlery, candlesticks, tin solder, tin bars…