You can also send us your gold by post, which is 100% reliable!

At your request we will have your parcel picked up 100% insured by Mikropakket.

Send us your old gold and please add: A copy of the front of your identity card (ages 18+) Note under your copied ID card: 1) bank account number
2) telephone number
3) name and address
4) email address
5) a photo or a list of the goods dispatched
6) in case of a commercial sale your VAT number. 

As soon as we receive your parcel we will estimate the value and notify you by email. As soon as you reply to us by e-mail that you agree with the value specified, we will immediately transfer the amount to your account.

The complete process is done under camera.

If you do not agree, we will send the gold back to you cash on delivery of €50.



Goudbank Pejati